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Why to work with us?

(spoiler: we're data integrators, so we will help you maximize your Marketing Data potential)

ArkData will help you unify data and IoT devices, integrating services, internally or from 3rd party Technology providers.

Our incredible team at Arkdata is here to help you in the yellow Data brickroad, grab our hand and enjoy the possibilites.

data mess to solve

Optimize your own data in Advance and make a difference using ArkData's potential, choose when you want your data and it will be there.

big data

Your data, just where you want them to be.


Add extra tasks, unify metrics, etc, to your provider APIs. Squeeze your data and get the fresh juice from it!


Using ArkData's, you will be able to overcome your technology limits. Contact us to know more.


Adapt our services to your needs

cloud Cloud

For oversized projects, immense processing jobs or queries and extremely low response ratios.


  • Real time segment piggybacking
  • Real time global alerts over massive data
mixed Mixed

For projects with volumens of data and moderate growth and/or response limitations.


  • Extraction and treatment of daily reports
premises On Premises

Shared or dedicated servers option, ideal for low data rate and/or flexible response times.


  • Extraction and treatment of monthly or quarterly reports

BigData Consulting for Everyone.